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#TBT OU's Meet and Greet 2006
 Adrian Peterson 2006 meet and greet

Adrian Peterson removes limit for matching donations to Palestine, Texas

Adrian Peterson High School DVD

05/09/2016: Adrian Peterson: A Flood and the Fight for a Ring


12/11/2015: Not all RBs embracing NFL's shift away from power run game

12/3/2015: Video: Mike Silver discusses Seahawks vs Vikings, and Adrian Peterson

11/30/2015: Adrian Peterson passes three to reach 18th on rushing list

Adrian Peterson a bulldog against NFL's top run defense. The Vikings star busted past eight-, nine- and 10-man fronts.


11/16/2015: The Vikings are in first place in the NFC North! AD with 203 yards rushing on the day, with a sweet 80 yard touchdown run to seal the game. Mike Silver wrote about AD on today

11/9/2015: Adrian Peterson leads the NFL in rushing, again.

10/27/15: From the StarTribune: Adrian Peterson, explosive plays and negative plays: a deeper look

9/28/2015: Vikings 31, Chargers 14: Adrian Peterson says, 'Yeah, I think I'm back' Adrian Peterson leads the NFL in Rushing!
Against the Chargers this week he gained 126 yards on 20 carries (6.3 YPC) as well as scoring his first two touchdowns of the season. He gained 109 of those 126 yards after contact and forced a ridiculous 10 missed tackles in those carries. Peterson has never been the most complete back in the world, and his receiving skills are more a case of being just good enough to get the ball in his hands and let him run again, but he added 58 receiving yards on a couple of receptions out of the backfield to finish the day with 184 yards from scrimmage. via PFF

9/17/2015: Adrian Peterson hits “reset button,” not worried about shotgun

7/21/2015: Peterson, Vikings agree to redo last 3 years of deal

6/13/15: Adrian Peterson moving past anger at Vikings, focused on football Vikings star running back thrilled by Adrian Peterson Day Saturday in native Palestine, Texas

6/2/15: Adrian Peterson is at VIking's OTA here's VIDEO


5/27/15: “He’s got two choices. He can play for us or not play,” Zimmer said, via Ben Goessling of

4/16/15: NFL reinstates Adrian Peterson from suspension

4/15/15: Adrian Peterson is eligible for reinstatement by the NFL today.

4/9/15: John Sullivan says Vikings players want Adrian Peterson back

4/8/15: MMBQ: The Lure of Peterson
With Adrian Peterson nearing a return to the NFL, the next question is: Where will he play? The Cowboys and Cardinals are possibilities, but don’t expect either to act desperately.

3/21/15: Happy Birthday AD
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